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Property Tax Services

What are Property Taxes?

Property taxes are local taxes in that local governments (and not the State of Texas) set the rate and collect the tax. An appraisal district in each county appraises the value of your property each year. The property taxes you pay are based on the value of the property you own or its current market values as determined by the appraisal district.

How can we help you?

If you disagree with the value attributed to your property when you receive your notice of appraised value, we at M&A can assist. Our tax consultants will perform an independent valuation of your property using the applicable valuation methodology and will then exhaust all levels of appeal starting with the informal hearing in front of the appraisal review board and ending with the more formal hearing in front of the State Office of Administrative Hearings, whose decision will be final. We will help ensure you pay no more than your fair share of taxes.

Please contact Dan Martinez & Associates today with any questions you have regarding your property taxes, and we will do our best to assist you!