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Tax Recovery

Texas State Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense and Refunds

In today’s business environment, where cost-saving strategies are a way of life, many companies find themselves seeking ways to streamline their operations. The current trend of downsizing tax departments in order to reduce overhead costs has caused many companies to suffer due to the reduction in the amount of experience possessed by their in-house tax team. Consequently, many companies are forced to allocate a significant amount of resources (time and money) to defend tax exposures resulting from cost-saving strategies implemented by management. As a result, many companies have realized the value of outsourcing their tax recovery to a proven expert.

At Dan Martinez & Associates L.L.C., we understand these challenges and offer solutions that lessen the burdens placed on tax departments. Our primary objective on our engagements is to work with tax departments to reduce tax exposure and increase refund opportunities.

Since 1991, Dan Martinez & Associates L.L.C. has assisted many Texas companies to identify and recover millions in overpaid taxes. Our professional staff, comprised of former Texas Comptroller auditors, has the technical experience necessary and essential to successfully and effectively represent your company throughout the audit defense and refund process. Our combined tax experience, in excess of 65 years, enables us to not only identify, evaluate and document available tax exemptions but to recover tax dollars overpaid in the constantly evolving landscape of sales and use tax laws.

Our extensive experience with audit defense projects, reverse audits, overpayment reviews, and managed audits enables us to positively affect the results of sales and use tax examinations. Our vast knowledge of Texas sales and use law, experience with the Comptroller’s policies/procedures and our positive working relationship with the State allows us to effectively achieve significant benefits for our clients.

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